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We dedicate this page to All Our Concert Supporters

The Long Prairie Chamber Orchestra would like to extend our immense gratitude for the love and support of our community patrons and donors who come to our concerts and engage in our event activities throughout the year. We especially appreciate our volunteers whose commitment and dedication help us create joyful celebrations of music and time well spent together.  You are the heart and soul of our existence!

As we look ahead, we anticipate happier days with hope, inspiration and possibility.  It's a great time to reflect and set new goals and intentions as well as being thankful for the time we have with our loved ones. 


Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who made our New Years Eve Event a success! We are always looking for more volunteers.


Please contact Luan Thomas-Brunkhorst at the downtown Chamber of Commerce office,  (320) 732-2514, or online at

Silent Auction Contributions

Thank you to all our orchestra members who contributed to the silent auction. We have wonderfully talented people in the orchestra who produce handmade items and they are our top sellers!

The Silent Auction is a vital component to our fundraising activities that helps support our goal to be a continuing source of diverse orchestral and classical music to our community.

Custodian and Food Occupation Class

Thank you to the Long Prairie Secondary school custodian, Mark, for his help.  We couldn't be there and play together without his presence! 


And to the Food Occupation class teacher, Jill Hanson, with her students for their fabulous meal and desserts.


Local Merchants and Community Groups

Thank you to all our local Merchants and church group who made our New Years Eve Silent Auction a success! 


St. Joseph Church Quilters, Griff's Pizza, Long Prairie Dairy Queen, The Thunder Lodge, Subway, American Heritage Bank, Central Minnesota Credit Union, Walmart, Black and White Restaurant and Perkins of Little Falls and Copper Trail Brewery in Alexandria.

Board Member and Contributor

Thank you to our Board Member, Jim Downes, for his beautiful art work donated to our Silent Auction.

Jim is an avid photographer and a longtime contributor to the chamber orchestra's fundraising activities.

Audience and Patrons

Thank you to our loyal and dedicated audience who attended the New Years Eve Fundraiser and Concert in the bitter cold.


We love seeing so many familiar faces and the friendly bidding war on the silent auction!